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Already blessed with the perfect dazzling name for commanding center stage, Downingtown PA raised,Florida based singer/songwriter Sarah Diamond brings a fascinating array of eclectic musical sensibilities to her burgeoning career as a country rocker.


Both parents were working musicians on different sides of the stylistic spectrum. Sarah gets the rock edges from her dad, whose wheelhouse was classic rock and bands like AC/DC, Rush and Queen. Her mom sang and played guitar on the church circuit (at times with her dad serving as sound guy),introducing her daughter to the soulful pop sensibilities of top CCM artists like Natalie Grant and Nichole Nordeman. “I think I get the timbre in my voice from them and the passion for rock from my dad’s favorite groups,”Sarah says. “I take a healthy mix of both and apply it to this country rock vibe I’ve created with my band The Soul Miners.”


Led by the charismatic singer’s powerful and infectious, country tinged vocal passions, the high octaneClearwater, FL based group follows its recent debut single “I Got Away” with “Doin Whatcha Doin”–a high spirited, wildly hooky rocker co-written by veteran songwriters James Matthew Nolan, EdwardMonroe Hill and produced and co-written by Roger Nichols as well. Nichols, owner ofNashville’s BellTone Recording whose producing and engineering credits include work with Larkin Poe, Steven Tyler,Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown and Hayley Williams of Paramore, which happens to be one of Sarah’s favorite all-time bands. “I Got Away” was written by veteran #1 hit songwriters Brad Warren, BrettWarren and Holly Knight.


A complete thematic 180 from the emotionally intense first single–which was about finding the strength to move on from a toxic relationship–“Doin Whatcha Doin,” originally written as a seduction tune, was refashioned as a flirty, lighthearted tune that perfectly reflects the sound and brand of Sarah Diamond &The Soul Miners. The band recently shot a video for the song that intercuts shots of Sarah on the beach, and the full band jamming in an intimate living room setting.


Sarah has the unique fortune to be working with a band that includes her co-manager, Dave Walker ofTrigger Agency, on bass and vocals. Once Walker began managing the singer, he put together a unique group of veteran Florida based musicians (some longtime transplants from other parts of the country)whose unique demographic makeup–half of the guys are in their 20’s and 30s, half in their 50’s–is only one of the elements that drives their tight, intuitively dynamic chemistry. The other Soul Miners include guitarist/vocalist JP Mooningham, keyboardist Wes Eubanks, guitarist/vocalist Dave Arazmo, and drummer Jakob Dee, grandson of the legendary Joey Dee of Joey Dee and the Starliters. After countless local/regional performances, Sarah Diamond & The Soul Miners are currently looking forward to their scheduled series of performances over six days at the Florida State Fair in February, which will coincide with the release of the group’s debut album.


“We needed to differentiate ourselves. I’m a very authentic person and artist, and the key to everything is that we are authentic onstage. We came together so quickly and seamlessly as a band, and the creativity between members flows so smoothly. We’ve played our share of bars doing covers, but are not a bar band. Our performances are unique and collaborative–far more than a lead singer backed by a group of anonymous killer musicians. I think it works so well because, despite our age differences and range of performing and touring experiences, we’re all striving for similar goals personally and musically.” said Sarah.


After graduating from Pennsylvania’s West Chester University, where she studied classical and opera,Sarah worked a series of day jobs while doing solo shows around Downington and singing in a NortheastPhilly based country cover band. She later got a gig singing at church and was tempted with a full time position as a worship leader–though she knew God’s plan for her lay elsewhere. When family members from Alabama came up for Thanksgiving in 2019, they invited her down to stay with them for a few weeks in Huntsville. Sarah made the most of her time there, extending her trip and scoring a handful of gigs in the area in the weeks before COVID shutdown the world. It took until the following summer to commit, but she ultimately decided those personal ambitions could wait.When Sarah Diamond & The Soul Miners took off and big opportunities started happening, she knew she had made the right choice. “Not long ago, when I was back home in PA, I found prayer journals from before I left to go to Alabama,” she says. “I wrote, ‘God I don’t know what you have planned for me, butI’m trusting you.’ I think our success so far ties in with the idea that if God showed us the future, we would never believe it. We’re excited about the State Fair in February and have our eyes on touring and being part of the festival circuit by summer.


"Every aspect from her musicianship to her audience rapport is engaging. Her original tunes are future hits and her performance will instantly put you at ease."

-Stan Arthur, Admin of I Love St. Pete

"Nothing else matters but the gift that God has given you to be in front of this person. You weren't 100% sure until you looked at the faces of everyone that was at her show."

-Zeb Apostolakis, Admin of BANDSandBARS

"Sarah Diamond is the ultimate performer that gives one of the best live music experiences I've ever had! Not only does she have the voice of an angel, her ability to engage with her audience is magical."

-Lisa Montanus

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